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Your first steps towards working in/with India
Doing business in or with India might seem a far-fetched idea at first, but once you have had the chance to gain some insights into the Indian manners and customs, and into how the Indian business community operates, you are bound to find out that the Indian connection might turn out to be your opportunity of a lifetime!

India Business Support provides a wide range of services in the fields of sourcing, offshoring outsourcing, intercultural management, working successfully with Indian business counterparts and colleagues, and cultural induction programs.

Connect to India!
India Business Support is an independent organisation, jointly held by indologist, management consultant & Sr India Expert Francis Laleman and business coach & India aficianodo Bert Verdonck. IBS operates as a dedicated business unit of Dunya, one of Belgium's major consultancy and training partners in the field of intercultural management.

Trade, Business, Social Responsibility
India Business Support regularly organizes official Trade Missions to India. Typically, these would include tailor-made consultancy and coaching programs, helping the participants to establish durable and long-lasting business partnerships in India as a sourcing or offshoring outsourcing destination. But IBS is even more: Because we firmly believe that social corporate responsibility entails that any business venture be accomodated by a genuine concern and commitment with regard to the social environment in which it operates, we have taken an active involvement in a series of educational and community development programs for the underprivileged in Indian society - and we invite our clients to do likewise. Read more on our social development commitment here: Anand - Jeevan Deep

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